Doggies On The Runway welcomes you to our fun world full of dog and human activities!

Mischief has a way of sneaking up on one.  Two long-time friends (38 years this winter) were having coffee talking about what was currently consuming their lives.  “A fashion show, you are doing a fashion show- what fun!”  “I am working on a project with dogs – maybe we could  do something together?”

The next thing we knew, we had recruited two other compatriots and Doggies On The Runway was born!!  Yes, it’s a take-off on “Doggy in the Window” and I am sure you will hear that song at the fashion show.

Well into the process of planning, we discovered one team member was afraid of dogs -as she had an early experience at the lake.  Today, she can call Mikki, a very cute Shih Tzu, a friend and is so pleased with herself!  A second team member made a journey to Cannon Falls and now Cricket, a Bichon Frise Terrier mix, has a new home with two Calico Cats.  Jazz & Jive, Portuguese Water Dogs, survived a wedding with their Mom and behaved very well.   While our final team member is currently without a dog, it seems the subject of a new pet in the family is becoming a “more frequent” topic of conversation.


As we move through this journey of “Doggies On The Runway”.  Please join us by auditioning, sharing your stories, bringing your photos and your suggestions.

We have officially “Gone To The Dogs!”